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Fire Pit vs. Outdoor Fireplace : Choosing the Best Fit for your Backyard

As far as hardscape backyard design goes, adding a fire feature to your outdoor living space can add some of the most drama and versatility. Both outdoor fire pits and fireplaces can add extra warmth and light to make for the perfect nighttime events that extend through summer and on into the colder months. The question is, which one should you choose? To answer that, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two backyard fire features so that you can determine which one will serve you and your landscaping design purposes the best.


Backyard fire pits and fireplaces both share a similar aesthetic and functionality. Both provide warmth and light and invite feelings of relaxation with their romantic, cosy aesthetic.  In terms of maintenance and safety, both require similar amounts of cleaning to make sure they stay in good shape. And both of course require supervision when little kids are around (a fireplace or fire pit screen might help keep little fingers from turning the fire soot into a makeshift sandbox). 


Outdoor fireplaces are a permanent hardscaping design feature. Built with a chimney and a smoke ventilation firebox, they can either be attached to your home or built into your custom deck or patio. Homeowners with large backyards often choose a fireplace over a fire pit because they can service bigger crowds and incorporate other amenities like fireplace tools. Because they are higher off the ground, they also tend to be a bit easier to keep kids safe around and therefore become the obvious choice for families wanting to do a residential hardscaping installation. 

On the other hand, outdoor fire pits tend to be much smaller than outdoor fireplaces. They make for more intimate and casual gatherings and are perfect for roasting marshmallows or just relaxing for an evening chat. They are also lower to the ground, meaning that they won’t obstruct the view to the rest of your yard, while a fireplace might (although if you are looking for more backyard privacy, this might actually be an added bonus). Keep in mind that the depth and width of a fire pit is completely customizable.

Therefore choosing between these two hardscaping ideas depends on whether you have a larger backyard, little children, a need for added outdoor privacy or a desire to serve large crowds. Either way, a adding a fire feature to your backyard can add so much more usability to your outdoor space. Call us at Bella Vista landscape to talk about your landscaping ideas! You can also check out our gallery to get more ideas on landscaping installation projects.

Custom Deck and Patio Construction

There are a number of things homeowners look for when creating a property that they are proud to call their own. One thing that is a high priority on the list of ‘Must-Haves’ is an aesthetically pleasing backyard. Your yard is a reflection of who you are, and there are a number of services Bella Vista Landscaping provides that will help you do that seamlessly. Our custom patio and deck building services are unmatched in quality, efficiency, and longevity. Here are a few of the patio construction services we specialize in that will help spruce up your yard in time for Summer.

covered patio construction in meridian id

Most deck building and landscaping companies in Idaho can’t offer the high-quality service and exceptional results that Bella Vista Landscaping does. When you’re looking to transform your outdoor living space, there is no one better to work with than our local custom deck and concrete patio contractors. We are here to help make your property landscaping dreams come true! Not only do we specialize in patio construction, but also residential garden landscaping and water features! Our outdoor living professionals and deck builders will work with you to make sure your yard is exactly how you want it. Whether it be a painted concrete patio with roof construction or decorative custom concrete curbing and edging, we want to help you create a yard you’re confident about.


When working with local deck and patio contractors in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Caldwell, you should expect the best and receive the best. Call Bella Vista Landscaping at 208-995-3532 to learn more about custom landscaping, curbing, and edging costs from our custom deck and patio builders.

Overhead Structures and Hardscape Landscaping

As the weather warms up in Boise and the sun starts beating down on our yards, you may find yourself wishing for some kind of shade or protection from the sun. Installing an overhead structure in your yard is a perfect solution to all the potential weathering problems that come with the Summer season. Installing a permanent modern deck gazebo could be the landscaping decision that transforms your backyard into the perfect Summer paradise you wish it to be! Different yard and garden structures built by local professional pergola, gazebo, and trellis builders can and will make any outdoor living beautiful and relaxing!

 Patio cover g35be209db 1920

If you’re looking for exceptional landscaping services, don’t settle for less than the best! Working with Bella Vista Landscaping means working with professional covered deck contractors that will give you the results you want. Here are some of our amazing ideas for outdoor shade structures:


·  Sunshade awning gazebo

·  Wooden garden gazebo

·  Patio trellis wall

·  Stained pergola arch

·  Wooden gazebo for hot tub

·  Outdoor shade canopy

·  Stone gazebo

·  Wooden pergola with roof



Bella Vista Landscaping employs professional gazebo, pergola, and arbor builders that are dedicated to helping you create a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space. Not only will these overhead structures create perfect shade in your yard, but they will also increase your property value! Carefully and professionally-crafted overhead structures are very desirable in the housing market right now, and Bella Vista Landscaping is the company to trust. Whether it be a cedar pergola gazebo with sides or a screened in gazebo with a roof, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.


If you are interested in building a gazebo, hardscape landscaping, water feature or patio installation, call Bella Vista Landscaping at 208-995-3532 to learn more about our services and what landscaping designs might look like in your yard!

Water Features and Landscape Architecture

Fountain g1830a516c 1920
Adding water features to your backyard is an amazing way to transform, replenish, and rejuvenate your property! There are a lot of benefits to water feature installation, including:

  • Pleasing Aesthetic – A well-maintained water feature will add increased beauty and elegance to your backyard.
  • Added Ambience – The gentle sound of a bubbling fountain or a flowing waterfall may be exactly what you need to create an environment of peace, serenity, and elegance.
  • Increased property value – A beautifully-crafted and professionally-installed water feature will surely boost your home’s property value, and the value of neighboring homes as well.
  • Sense of privacy – With the light sounds of an added water feature, you won’t need to worry about the nosy neighbors or the rowdy kids next door. You’ll be able to host social events and intimate gatherings with a sense of confidence and security.  


Bella Vista Landscaping is one of the best local landscaping, garden pond, and waterfall feature installation companies in Idaho. We specialize in water feature and fountain design, waterfall design and fountain installation, custom outdoor garden and backyard landscaping design, and much more. Professional landscaping and small outdoor water features are great ways to make a backyard feel bigger and more elegant. Strategic and well-thought-out small backyard landscaping will make your property feel abundant and open up your space. Patio ponds, stone water features, garden landscape water fountains---anything installed by Bella Vista Landscaping will make your yard feel like an extension of your home!



If you’re looking for backyard pond designs with waterfalls and beautiful landscaping, or you’re looking for a professional to help cultivate ideas and create hardscape designs for your yard, Boise is home to an amazing company that can help! Whatever your ideas may be, call Bella Vista Landscaping at 208-995-3532 to discuss ideas and the best possible landscaping options for your property!

Outdoor Lighting for Paths and Gardens

Lighting is a great place to start when you’re trying to make positive changes to your property’s aesthetic! Good lighting plays a huge roll in boosting the overall mood and atmosphere of any environment, especially in a backyard! Inviting people over to your home for family events or social gatherings is something you should feel confident doing. And with the help of landscape and lighting professionals, you no longer need to limit yourself and your guests to visiting indoors! Bella Vista Landscaping offers a plethora of professional landscape lighting designs and installation services! Here are a few of our lighting options:



Outdoor floor and lawn lighting: Lighting your lawn with solar stake lights, outdoor canopy lights, or solar garden lanterns will create a beautiful ambience and enchanting look in your yard.

Solar outdoor wall hanging light fixtures: Hanging lights are a beautiful way to brighten your yard. We also have battery-powered hanging garden lights that are beautiful in any yard!

Solar motion detector lights: Keep your yard safe with outdoor motion-sensored security flood light and pathway lights with sensors. Lighting your outdoor stairs and fence posts would also be a great precaution and a beautiful addition to your property!

Outdoor gazebo, yard, and balcony lights: Outdoor floor and table lamps, outside garden wall lights, LED garden and gazebo lights---you name it! Any type of outdoor home accent and landscape lighting you can dream of our designer will help you make it your own!




We hope you see the difference investing in your property can make! Installing lights in your yard can extend your parties past sunset, so your guests can experience the beautiful Boise nights in your beautiful backyard! If you want to see more photos or learn more about electric garden lights, outdoor patio wall lights for houses, solar torch yard lights, or anything involving installing outdoor landscape lighting, give Bella Vista Landscaping a call at 208-995-3532 or visit our website here.

Residential Hardscaping Services

Did you just buy a home? Ready to make it your own but need some ideas? Bella Vista is one of the best local landscaping and hardscaping design and installation service companies in Boise!

Depositphotos 79922578 l 2015 

Bella Vista Landscape’s hardscape design services are incredible and a wonderful way to add high-quality, beautiful features to your front or backyard! Whether you’re searching for modern retaining wall landscaping blocks or a company that does residential hardscape construction around trees, Bella Vista Landscaping is the place to trust!


Here are some front and back yard hardscaping design ideas:


  • Professionally landscaped garden paths and stepping stones are a very popular and sure way to boost your yard’s appearance and functionality. Not only do stepping stones and garden paths look good, they also preserve your grass!
  • PVC, vinyl, and cedar wood fences will offer you and your family the privacy you are searching for! Fences professionally installed by Bella Vista Landscaping automatically increase the security and curb appeal of your home.
  • Concrete water fountains will offer your yard a beautiful aesthetic and a bubbling ambience. Landscaping water features can change the entire look and feel of your home!
  • Our pea gravel and fire pit landscaping experts will design and install attractive fire pit areas perfect for gathering with family and friends!

 Depositphotos 64074367 l 2015


We know outdoor living is important to you. It’s important us too! Basalite pavers, painted concrete patios, water features, gazebos, pergolas---we love giving our clients what they dream of! We encourage all homeowners to call us and receive a free landscape design service from our local landscapers and hardscape professionals. This will cultivate a lot of great ideas and put you on the right track to achieving the home and yards of your dreams. If you want to learn more about hardscape materials and costs, give Bella Vista Landscaping a call at 208-995-3532 or visit our website here.

Softscape Landscaping and Sod Installation


Depositphotos 3689830 l 2015

Buying and owning a home is a huge accomplishment, and it’s also a big responsibility. But turning that house into your home just might be the most fun and most important part of home owning! Investing time, money, and energy into the property you own may be the best decision you as a homeowner can make.

So, what are you waiting for? You have a property of your own and you finally have the freedom to do what you want with it. You’ve been dreaming of the moment you can create your ideal home and yard---but where do you start? Here are two great places to start a softscaping remodel:

Mulch or Bark - Installing mulch or bark can completely remodel your outdoor living space. Whether it’s garnishing pathways, filling garden boxes and planters, or acting as a foundation to your kid’s playground---bark and mulch are effective, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing.  This landscaping service will also prevent weeds and protect the soil that lies underneath.


Sod Installation – Bella Vista Landscape offers top-notch sprinkler installation. After that is taken care of, the next step is laying high-quality sod. Bella Vista Landscape uses only the best landscaping grass available. 100% virgin growth turf sod that is thick, healthy, and perfect for residential and garden landscaping.

Trusting local landscapers to transform your yard can be risky. Luckily Boise is home to a professional hardscaping, softscape landscape, and sod company, Bella Vista Landscape! The Bella Vista Landscape company specializes in mulch & lawn installation, installing bark, irrigation sprinkler installation, and many other professional outdoor landscaping services. We want your yard to look and feel exactly how you want it to! We offer exceptional services at low rates that keep our clients satisfied.

Compost dirt


If you’re looking for affordable custom landscaping installation in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Caldwell, and surrounding areas, call Bella Vista Landscaping today at 208-995-3532 to speak to our experts about free hardscape and landscape design ideas, pricing, and what we can do to transform your yard.





Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installation



Irrigation installation can seem like a daunting task, and it is definitely not something to take lightly. Sprinkler system installation is worth investing serious time and money into, especially if you are finally in your dream home! Residents of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and all surrounding areas know that lawn maintenance really is a big deal. We know! We want all lawn irrigation systems and garden landscaping to last for as long as possible! So researching and choosing a lawn irrigation system and a company that will give you the system installation services you need should be a high priority when looking to create a beautiful and functional yard.

Depositphotos 115327114 l 2015

When it comes to installing lawn irrigation systems in your yard, it would be in your best interest to hire a professional sprinkler system company to do all the dirty work for you. While installing it yourself may seem like a cheaper and more efficient option, it may cost you more money, time, and energy in the long run. Lawn sprinkler installation is not something you want to be done incorrectly. If you don’t have experience with lawn irrigation systems, you are risking causing serious damage to your yard, to your neighbor’s yards, and even to your home.



Depositphotos 42546585 l 2015

Common problems with self-installation of lawn irrigation systems include:


          • Hitting tree roots
          • Not digging deep enough
          • Neglecting maintenance
          • Not using the right tools

Professional sprinkler installation is worth the cost when you take into account all the possible of downsides of self-installation and all the advantages of hiring out. Whether it be installing underground sprinklers, sprinkler heads, or drip irrigation, professionals are available to help. Bella Vista Landscape is one of the best sprinkler and landscape installation companies in Boise. We specialize in landscaping and irrigation systems and offer efficient and professional services at an affordable cost!


If you’re looking for plant, garden, or lawn irrigation system installations, call Bella Vista Landscape at 208-995-3532. Talk to our experts today to talk about sprinkler and sod installation, free landscape design ideas, or to learn about our services.