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Softscape Landscaping: Finalizing Your Boise, Idaho Backyard

Especially with today's market, owning a home is a massive accomplishment! If you've managed to secure a property in the recent past, congratulations! We know how stressful that is for anyone, but more so now than ever. Now that you own a property, the fun part begins: working together with your family or partner to invest the time, money, and energy into making this your dream home. 

When it comes to your yard and landscaping, Bella Vista Landscaping here in Boise has your back. We come from years of experience in many different aspects of landscaping, and today, we'll be sharing two of our top recommendations to start out for the softscaping of your dream home: 

1. Mulch or Bark

Mulch or bark are two organic materials that will pull your yard together as you prepare it for use. Many of our clients use it pathways through their yard, flower beds and gardens, around trees, to fill garden boxes and planters, as the floor for their dog runs, or even as a foundation to a child's playground. Mulch and bark are both affordable materials that help prevent weeds and protects the soil from regular wear and tear, especially with the crazy weather here in Boise! 

2. Sod Installation

Adding sod to your yard is a quick and sure-fire way to make sure you have a dynamite lawn right from the get go. If you have kids or pets that love to run around outdoors, this is an effective way to get your yard to its fully functional state without having to wait for weeks or months for grass to grow in. At Bella Vista Landscaping, we also offer lawn sprinkler and irrigation system installation. Having a well-functioning sprinkler system can keep your yard green and fresh, even throughout the summer months. 

At Bella Vista Landscaping, we are eager to help you get your yard looking exactly how you want it to. Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality services to keep our clients more than satisfied with our work so we can continue to serve our friends and neighbors. We serve Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Caldwell, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (208) 995-3532 to speak with an expert about landscape design, our current rates, and making your dreams a reality. 

Three Overlooked Design Elements for Your Dream Backyard

When it comes to designing a backyard, Bella Vista Landscaping in Boise, Idaho is a local expert. There are so many different aspects to landscaping, and our years of experience can help you design and craft a yard that will make your homeownership dreams come true. Whether you have a household with a lot of kids who need a space to run around or you're a childfree thirty-something trying to curate a space to entertain guests on warm summer nights, our team of experts is ready to bring your dream backyard to life. 

1) Concrete Borders and Edging

An often overlooked option, decorative concrete curbing and edges for flower beds and gardens can add so much to your yard! In addition to the elegance and style these borders can provide, they:

  • Create a root border to prevent your lawn from creeping into the beds
  • Save you valuable time in maintenance
  • Are more durable and resistant to extremes in weather
  • Come in a variety of style options
Concrete borders and edging may not be the first thing to come to mind as you consider your dream yard, but adding this classy touch can elevate your property with a relatively easy addition!

2) Overhead Shades and Structures

These structures are becoming increasingly popular! Some of our clients choose to build them over patios or their outdoor kitchens. Overhead shades and structures: 

  • Add a high-end vibe to any residential backyard
  • Protects your patio furniture and other belongings from sun damage
  • Extends the time you can enjoy your yard by providing shade
Some families choose to install a gazebo in the back corner of their property, or simply an overhead shade to increase comfort for their guests. We love exploring the many creative options for these fun and fancy structures! 

3) Water Features and Fountains

Water features are another fun addition to a property that you may not have considered yet! Whether you like fountains or a small, aesthetic pond, installing a water feature can be a refreshing element that gives your yard the wow factor. Because water features are typically underutilized, adding a fountain or birdbath is a surefire way to make your yard stand out in the best way. 

Designing a yard comes with a lot of aspects to consider, and at Bella Vista Landscaping, we want to help you consider all the options to make your dream yard a reality. Let us serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, and we can help you design your dream yard here in Boise, Idaho. 

Top Three Patio Trends For Summer 2022

Summer. The perfect time to flex your gorgeous yard while providing a place for friends and family to gather and spend a relaxing evening together. We've compiled three of the top trends that will be hot this summer, and are excited to share them with you today. 

1) Boho Style 

The boho style continues to reign supreme, being implemented in everything from fashion to weddings and yes, even to patios. Here are our top suggestions to cultivate a boho vibe in your own backyard: 

  • Opt for stamped concrete or stonework for your patio to cultivate an earthy vibe
  • Select low-profile patio furniture in natural tones; off-white, cream, brown, and beige are staples of the boho style
  • Add potted greenery like a snake plant, fiddle leaf fig, or string of pearls
  • Select wicker or rattan pieces to increase the natural tones. Popular uses of rattan include baskets to house potted plants, poufs or floor cushions, and low-profile coffee tables 
  • Installing bistro lights or other outdoor lighting is a must-have to set the tone
  • Add one or two statement pieces: a hanging egg chair or intricately patterned rug will pull the look together

2) Bonfire Centered Patio

Nothing says cozy like a good old fashioned bonfire under the starry sky. Creating a firepit-centric patio is becoming increasingly popular as a surefire way to encourage friends to linger and conversation to flow. Some people choose to create a circular patio space centered around a firepit with a stonework bench that wraps around, or to purchase luxurious chairs to allow friends to lounge and laugh together. It's a creative and unique way to cultivate the perfect getaway in your own backyard. 

3) Overhead Structure + Flowy, Neutral Curtains 

Another popular trend we are loving includes a classy outdoor shade structure flanked by flowy, neutral colored curtains. A warm white is classic that gives a light, airy vibe to your entire yard, and implies a life of leisure. These structures are particularly popular among people with outdoor kitchens or other natural points of gathering, and are a great way to offer added protection from the sun while also enjoying the aesthetic. 

We're excited to continue to see these trends increasing as we gear up for the summer months. There are few things more satisfying than seeing our clients' yards coming together to fit their vision, and we love the role we play in doing so. For more information on our services in the Boise and Meridian area, give us a call at (208) 995-3532 today!

Three Reasons Why You Should Add an Outdoor Shade to Your Yard

Adding an outdoor shade or overhead structure is an often overlooked option for residential landscaping. If you want to add a unique and elegant touch to your property, an outdoor shade or overhead structure may be right for you. Today, we will share three reasons why adding an outdoor shade may be beneficial to you and help elevate your property. 

1) UV and weather protection 

An outdoor shade is perfect for you if you love to spend time in your yard! Especially if you have an outdoor kitchen or carefully curated patio, the UV and weather damage from the sun beating down all year around may be a concern for you. Installing an outdoor shade can protect your equipment and gear, and also provides shade so you and your guests and can lazy summer evenings without sitting in direct sunlight. Whether to protect yourself or your guests or to prevent sun damage to your patio furniture and other structures, an overhead structure may be the perfect touch to elevate your yard.  

2) Adds aesthetic appeal

An overhead structure--whether an arbor, pergola, or gazebo--adds a delicate touch of class to your yard. It's the perfect way to transform your space from average to classic and wow your friends and family. As you work to craft the perfect getaway in your own backyard, consider adding an overhead structure or shade to add that wow factor!

3)  Enhances property value 

With the current market here in Boise, ID, it's safe to say that property values are soaring and investing in your property is an even better idea than ever before. As you consider your own landscaping and ways to further enhance value, a well-placed overhead structure or shade may give you an increased edge when you decide to relocate in the future. It's a good idea to put yourself ahead in whatever ways you can, and if doing so helps you enjoy your property even more in the process, it's a great idea!

Adding an overhead structure is a unique and clever way to enhance your space. In addition to providing a guaranteed spot in your yard that's protected from the rays of the sun, an outdoor shade can add aesthetic appeal and even enhance the value of your property. For more information on this or other landscaping services, give us a call at (208) 995-3532 today!

Top Three Water Features to Add to Your Yard in Boise

Designing the yard of your dreams is one of the fun and exciting parts of home ownership. You can create a beautiful, serene space to spend warm summer evenings and provide a place for the kids to run around and enjoy spending time outdoors. Adding a water feature is one way to quickly elevate the space, increase resale value, and add privacy as it masks the sound of private conversations. 
1) Garden Pond

There's a reason many zen gardens include ponds! Adding a small garden pond can add an air of peace and quiet to your backyard. If you enjoy slow, peaceful mornings, meditating, doing yoga, or simply sipping tea while gazing at your lovely garden pond may bring you closer to nature and be the wow factor your life is missing.

2) Bird Bath Fountains 

A bird watcher's dream, the bird bath was first created in the 1800s. Add one or two inches of water to your bird bath, and birds can drink the water or use it to preen, cleaning dust, dirt, and parasites from their feathers. An important tip is to avoid adding too much water--deep water is a drowning hazard to birds, so they may avoid your bird bath altogether if the water is too deep. This classic addition is sure to liven up your backyard and brighten your days!

3) Tiered Outdoor Fountains

The tiered fountain has long since been a symbol of high-end, classic estates. Adding a tiered fountain will transform your space and increase resale value as you select a tasteful fountain for your home. 

Adding a water feature could be the final touch that brings your property to the next level. Contact us to learn more about hiring an affordable landscape company to install a water feature in your yard. 

Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installation in Boise, Idaho

As a homeowner with summer just around the corner, you may be thinking about getting your yard ready for time spent outdoors this summer season. Here in the Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Kuna areas, having a thriving lawn during the hotter months can be a challenge, but installing a sprinkler system is a must-have to keep your yard fresh and usable. Learning about different lawn irrigation systems should be a high priority if you're looking to have a beautiful and functional yard this summer. 
If you personally don't have experience with installing sprinklers and irrigation systems, hiring an affordable landscaping service is an effective way to avoid the headache that comes from learning by trial and error, especially when the stakes are high. The consequences of a less-than-well-done job for your sprinkler system can include burst pipes, leaks that lead to flooding, and water damage to your home or even your neighbor's home. Some common pitfalls that a professional can help you avoid include: 
  • running into tree roots 
  • pipes placed at the incorrect depth--typical mistake is not digging deep enough
  • neglecting or putting off maintenance for too long
  • not owning and therefore not using the right tools
Irrigation systems are another aspect of your landscaping to continue. At Bella Vista Landscape, we also offer professional installation of irrigation systems. We can install a drip system for flowerbeds and gardens to target your plants, keeping them healthy and vibrant while conserving water. 

If you are ready to install a sprinkler system or to lay sod to create a yard you can enjoy all summer long, give us a call at (208) 995-3532 or fill out our contact form today. 

Three Luxury Components to Add to Your Outdoor Kitchen

One of the biggest perks of being a homeowner is the ability to craft a unique lifestyle and experience by designing a backyard that reflects your idea of the perfect evening. An increasingly popular element for landscape design in the outdoor kitchen. Nothing compares to the luxury experience of cooking under the open sky while the happy voices of friends and family float on the late summer breeze. Here are three components to add to your outdoor kitchen for the ultimate backyard experience. 

1) A Clay Pizza Oven

Perhaps your dream night in involves a delicate balance of Italian cuisine and delightful conversation, the smiling faces of your loved ones illuminated by gentle lights on a starlit night. A clay pizza oven is the perfect way to wow your guests with your culinary expertise, and the perfect addition for entertaining your own guests and even your children's. A clay oven will add an air of authenticity to your pizzas while offering a classic and high-end experience to everyone involved. 

2) Kitchen and Pool Bar

If your idea of the perfect day spent outdoors involves sipping on cool beverages while lounging by the poolside, a kitchen and pool bar is just the addition for you. Stock up on your favorite drinks--whether for you or the kids--and enjoy a unique feature most backyards don't offer. Your guests will be impressed, and you will enjoy the luxury of a pool bar without the hassle of going out. 

3) Smoker Style Grill

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned barbeque? A smoker is incredibly versatile, and owning a smoker style grill is perfect for everything from a summer outdoor barbeque to cooking the roast for Christmas dinner. If you enjoy cooking--and eating!--a skillful barbeque, a smoker style grill is a must have. Whether you choose to serve your grilled meal right there in your backyard or take it to a local potluck, you will impress everyone with the tender, flavorful finish of your barbequed meats. 

Many people don't consider the possibilities when they design their yard. Integrating an outdoor kitchen to your patio is a sure-fire way to elevate your living space, and there are many different components you can choose to customize your backyard experience. 

Three Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Landscaper

Your dream backyard. What does it look like? Maybe you picture a roaring fire pit surrounded by laughing friends on a warm summer night. Maybe you can already hear the sweet music of a babbling waterfall as you read your favorite book. Or maybe you see yourself coming home to the classic American dream, a thriving green lawn and a white picket fence. Odds are, no matter what you're envisioning, a beautiful, well-maintained patio lingers in the background, the perfect backdrop for your vision of an ideal evening spent in your backyard. 

As you plan and prepare to landscape your yard, working with a professional landscaper can make a world of difference. Here are three reasons why it's a good idea to hire a professional: 

1) You don't know what you don't know. 

It's a cold, hard fact: most people aren't experts when it comes to landscape design. And that's okay! At Bella Vista Landscape, we specialize in helping people like you here in the Boise area by creating beautiful, intentionally curated spaces in their backyard to maximize enjoyment. Having worked on hundreds of properties, it's our job to know the ins and outs of landscaping, and designing the perfect space to fit on your property is part of that. We can open your eyes to the possibilities of what your yard can become. Just give us a call at (208) 995-3532 to get the ball rolling. 

2) You can stick with one team every step of the way. 

Let's face it: it's a huge hassle when you're working with a lot of different vendors! If  you've ever planned a wedding, you know how that is. By hiring a professional landscaping service, you can avoid work with one company rather than consulting Pinterest, the phone book, Google Maps, and Facebook for every aspect of your yard. Our services include everything from fire pits to water features, outdoor kitchens to sprinkler installation. We're a one-stop shop for the perfect backyard. 

3) Professionals can help your vision and your reality synergize. 

Whether your yard is large or small, a professional with a trained eye can design your landscaping to maximize the space to fit your vision. If you want a wide-open space where the kids can play, or a large and luxurious covered patio, let our team know and we will work with you to craft an ideal oasis for you and your loved ones to create unforgettable memories in. 

We are excited for you to begin your landscaping journey, and hope to make that adventure as fun and smooth as possible. Happy landscaping!